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BOBBY POWER BANK (silver edition)


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Quick overview:
20000 mAh power bank in silver color with 2 USB ports and 4 light indicators to warn you about the remaining battery. Supports a smartphone, a tablet, a camera, an mp3 player and an e-cigarette and can provide 3-4 charging circles depending on the device. On the extras, there is a mini emergency light. It comes with one-year warranty.

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The ideal portable charger for anyone who wants to be constantly on the go without having to worry about their personal devices’ battery. Whether it’s a typical day on your daily routine or you’re far away on an amazing trip, this portable charger can be a life saver! Made of aluminum 

and with a capacity of 20000 mAh, it can be easily carried anywhere with you and support a smartphone, a tablet, a camera, a digital player and also your e-cigarette so that you won’t have to miss any of your everyday habits. It can charge 3-4 times depending on the device for unlimited tech use. 

To communicate or navigate on your smartphone or tablet with no worries, use your GPS throughout the day and capture your most awesome photos and videos on every trip! Also ideal for camping and long lasting flights.

Available in two colors, silver & gold for you to choose the one that suits your taste.

On the extras, a mini emergency light is adapted for easy use in the dark.

Comes with one-year warranty.

The product is part of The Classy Hobo Collection.

Additional Information

Material aluminum
Dimensions 153*76*10 mm
Color Silver
Ports 2 x USB ports
Supported Devices smartphone, tablet, camera, digital player, e-cigarette
Capacity 20000 mAh
Output 5V
Input 5V
Chargings 3-7 hours
Additional Features mini emergency light
Warranty 1 year
PACKAGE CONTENTS 1 x Power Bank, 1 x USB cable
Collection The Classy Hobo Collection

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