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About Hobo Sapiens

Welcome to Hobo Sapiens world! Our online store is addressed to anyone seeking distinctive travel accessories & products with an emphasis on smart organization, comfort, high quality and aesthetics. Hobo Sapiens is the modern wanderer. It’s that restless spirit that, though trapped in today’s routine, is constantly thirsty for new images, smells and tastes throughout the world.

Its name is inspired by the Hobos, drifting workers of the Great Depression that left their mark in West America. With few luggage and even fewer money and walking or illegally hopping on trains as the only means of transportation, Hobos were known for their free spirit which could lead them wherever in America there was a job opportunity. The one thing they left behind was their peculiar scripture made of symbols which they left on various kind of surfaces as a means of communication among them wherever they travelled.

Hobo Sapiens’ symbol, part of that Scripture that is traditionally linked to the phrase “Safe Camp”, reflects the philosophy of our company. In Hobo Sapiens we have created a safe website, with travel being the centre, in order to offer you useful and high quality and aesthetics products and share some inspiration for your next getaway.

My Inner Hobo

“The idea of Hobo Sapiens was born on a trip. Created with ingredients from all over the world and just a pinch of imagination, it represents the fulfilment of a big dream. To create and select unique products with respect to the needs of the modern traveller that bear my personal stamp and are inspired by my travel experiences.”

“Travelling with company is always fun. On my biggest journey I always had my partner and best friend beside me. Thank you for every idea, advice and guidance and I can’t wait to share even more exciting travel experiences with you."